About Us

Industry leaders

We are committed to total customer satisfaction & motivated by the desire to be the best in our field. We have a passion for excellence which exudes from the quality of our work.


Every vehicle that leaves our UK factory is built to the highest standards by our specialist coachbuilders. Quality & durability are paramount.


UK built WHSV motorsport motorcycle trailers are seen at the world's top racing tracks. Join the elite and benefit from our skills and expertise.

The driving force in custom-built Support Trailers and Hospitality Units in the UK...

As market leader in the UK, WHSV Ltd is dedicated to the principles of innovation, smart engineering and quality construction of support trailers and hospitality units. Dynamic and forward-looking, we are proud of our enviable reputation in the UK as a specialist vehicle coachbuilder.

Our experience of building support trailers and hospitality units, facilities and resources are among the best in the UK. They are matched by our dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Each of our clients receives the very best of attention and care – from the initial consultation, through the design and build, to the subsequent service and support.

We've worked hard over the years to create a genuinely unique service and by choosing to work with us you'll quickly see what we mean. We have the passion, expertise and experience to deliver on any job, and we provide a personal, complete, concept to solution service.


We support leading motorsport teams across the world...

We have built our reputation simply by delivering the highest quality specialist vehicles on time and within budget. Visit our Portfolio to see some examples of our Motorsport solutions.

Hospitalty Areas

We create luxurious hospitality areas designed to fit around your team transporter setup. We also build luxurious 2 storey F1 hospitality suites with office space & viewing facilities for sponsors and guests. Visit our hospitality solutions page for more info.

Paintwork & Graphics

We have professional designers who over the years have proved creative and innovative in matching the needs of both individual and corporate clients. Our designers can develop your idea & put it into realisation in 3D giving you a perfect mockup for your branding.

Service & Support

We offer clients fantastic warranty & full service packages to ensure full usability of their unit no matter where it is in the world. Rest assured when choosing a solution from us, you will have peice of mind if anything should go wrong. Visit our service solutions page for more info.